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  1. Puzzled, trying not to be worried, does anyone else find it strange and unsettling that Brian and Fi have been gone for 2 weeks, I’m sure it’s that now and no word. Hopefully they are just having a ball and forgotten the web site, so I’ll just give B a large kick up the arse next time I see him even if I have to go all the way to Copenhagen to do it. But if anyone knows something I don’t would you drop me a note? Ta. Mary (travelled with Brian in Mexico)

  2. Hi Guys, looks like you’re having a lovely time. Way to get out there, and Brian I’ll miss the little outings!.. xx one for you both (but more for Brian naturally!)

  3. Congratulations on doing what looks like a really fantastic trip, I love your videos and have played them over and over….. now I’ve got a decent Pc again , think you should have a site for Denmark and weddings and such ….! M

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