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  1. You stole my idea bastard!! I was supposed to get on my bike and bug the rest of the world until I’d reach oblivion.. hahaha.. have a great time and I’m sure we’ll meet up soon.. probably at some great coffee place in the highlands of Chimchirruchu haha 😉


  2. Hey, just got used to having you around and off you go again. We will all miss you. Have a really wild time. We’ll all be watchin this site closely and we’ll miss you both. Take care and enjoy yourselves

  3. Hullo Brian and Anne-Sophie (Marie?). You don’t know me, but I was interested to read about your variable ages, names and destinations, and will check in from time to time to see whether or not the man from the Embassy was right! (Incidentally, Spex says “Hello”!)

  4. Brian and Fi, where are you, how long you been gone and no news. I’m studying for my bk-kping exam, its been dreadful soooo many mistakes, maybe this ain’t for me. All I can do is dream of my micro trip up to Scotland, coming soon.
    Where’s the photos then?

  5. hey colesy & fi, good to hear you’ve gone. hope you’re finding your groove. i’ve made it out of london, and back home to edinburgh! woo hooo.

    mary, colesy told me about your trip. drop me a note if you fancy a coffee and a natter when you get up here? it’s great to be riding around on decent quiet-ish roads up here…

    safe travels all,


  6. You both look great! We are thinking about you every day and hope you are having a blast. What kind of food have you been eating while camping? Watch it in those sharp turns! Love, M

  7. Hello Brian,

    I met you at the HU camp last year (I had the camcorder).
    Good to see you enjoying yourselves. I got married last November and now my wife is getting more and more interested in a 2-wheeled adventure. (it was a pre-nup agreement if you like). We will follow your trip with interest.
    The GS adventure is in the garage. I imagine 2/3 years before we do a big trip.
    How long you been on the road now?

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