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Off again – in 4 months

Off again – in 4 months


Nearly 10 years after Fie and I took ourselves off to India on a motorbike (thanks Stephen), we’re doing something we talked often about on that year out.

We said that if we could have a family, that we would do a big trip with them. So 3 babies and 10 years later we’re doing what we promised to each other.

Call it a pact, or a promise to each other…..or madness, call it what you will, but for us, we’re stepping into the unknown…albeit an unknown with a year’s worth of someone else cooking, cleaning and generally taking all the routine stuff away from us.

So we are 4 months away from that big dream kicking off and there is a TON of preparation work to do.

4 thoughts on “Off again – in 4 months

  1. Amazing! I’m sure it will be a wonderful time, regardless of you manage to travel a million or just ten miles in that year. Enjoy!

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