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Not all those that wander are lost

Not all those that wander are lost

We made it to the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand, in a campervan for 2 months, minds blown.

Stunning New Zealand, Part 1

Over the last 20 years I’ve had this reoccurring dream, in this dream I came to the same impressive sight of a concave mountain range spread out before me. It was Scotland, I was sure of it, but I’ve never been to such a place in the Highlands of such epic proportions. It’s been doing my head in for two decades.

Well as we drove into Milford sound, I nearly swerved us off the road when we rounded a bend and my fantasy dreamland mountain came into view and connected 20 years worth of mystery (and a little bit of worry that I was starting to lose it)

Milford Sound

Very quickly I pieced it all together – I was here 20 years ago and that particular mountainscape (Mount Talbot) burned itself into my subconscious for it to tease me until now.

I can’t tell you the relief I felt, like a kind of mental constipation having sorted itself out.

New Zealand can do this to you, its natural beauty thrusts itself into you and you feel helpless and small and intimidated at the same time, in a Hobbit like way.

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