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Beaches and Yoga

Why are they soooo big?


Well since Srinigar we have skipped along way south. My god its taken bloody AGES to get to the beaches here in Soth Goa. Really it has. Don’t think that we are ungrateful for this because we’ve seen quite a few things on the way down. We saw a tiger in Ranthambore National Park, sunrise over the Taj Mahal and have re-created the scenes from Octopussy in Udaipur (I’ve perfected Roger Moore’s acting prowess – by moving my right eyebrow suggestively – Fie is most impressed) just to mention a few.

We are taking it easy here in Goa for about 10 days – doing Yoga, resting my hands a bit from riding (they started hurting because of the long days we have put in since riding from Srinigar).  So plenty of stretching and eating lobster (because good food seems to help the mood).  We have managed to avoid the mainstream part of Goa – have found a beach home 50 metres from the warm Arabian sea.  Complete with a very very good number of restaurants serving big bits of fish for a couple of quid for a complete meal.  Damn delicious stuff.

Hows it going in your neck of the woods then?

New pics for month 4 have been uploaded by Fie here:


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New video for month 4 here:


Let us know what you think!

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