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After the big mango

After the big mango

We had a great time in our first destination – Bangkok, but then it was time to move on.

After Bangkok, we headed south to a beautiful beach called bottle beach, on the island of Ko Pha-ngan, for eight days of doing nothing. Too get us all in the mood of chilling, eating and mucking about in the sea.

We did exactly that and it was HOT! Up to 41 degrees on some days which meant that we had a routine around the serious sunshine. From midday to four we spread ourselves out in the restaurant, where we played games, listed to music, painted, wrote or diaries, drank milkshakes and eat Thai food.

The staff played with the kids a lot and the kids loved them for it.

After bottle beach, we sailed to Koh Tao, famous for its diving and snorkeling, so we took advantage of the latter.

First time the kids saw some serious fish with their snorkels, they had lots of practice in swimming pools and the bath back home.

The Thai people are putting on weight, you can see that there is a lot more fried food and KFC is also seemingly gaining popularity here, which is a shame.

So far being with the kids is easier than I thought, the only real time we get any challenges is when we approach the subject of school work. So if you have any tips, we would love to hear them.

After beaches for a couple of weeks we then headed north, hopped in a rented car and drove 1500km up to Chiang Mai. On the way it was elephant sanctuaries, where we all had a great time, making the food for and feeding the elephants, the highlight was washing and swimming with them at the end of the day. Followed by lots of ancient templates, golden buddha’s and tasty food at night markets.  Kids are getting quite used to eating out on streets and markets.

After droppping of the car in Chiang Mai, it was a 3 hour taxi ride to Pai. The idea was to chill here for 5 days after traveling for 8 days in the car. We did a superb cooking course, where we all learnt to make coconut soup, Pad Thai and mango sticky rice.

This was the end of our time in Thailand, and the end of this very brief blog post.  We are still trying to find a rhythm with the schoolwork but apart from that, its just the most amazing adventure.

I will let the video fill in the gaps….https://vimeo.com/327856447

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